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Our shop is called Epic Elevation because it represents our belief that everyone is capable of aiming high and living a life of epic proportions! It all starts with the right equipment, professionally fit and professionally maintained by friendly, knowledgeable people who take the time to answer your questions and get you headed on an Epically Elevated path. Drop by for a visit and let us get to know you. We can help you achieve your goals, no matter sport or what season.


Epic Elevation Sports started as two, separate stories being written by authors who wanted to share their stories with others. Lee Greer, owner of Epic Ride Cyclery, and Ryan Kober, proprietor of Elevation Sports had been writing their individual stories for years before they met in 2014. What could have been seen as a friendly competition, actually planted the seed for a beneficial collaboration. It was quite logical, really, some of Ryan’s skiing customers also like to mountain bike. Some of Lee’s bike customer’s also liked to ski. As simplistic as it seems, it was merely the beginning.

The two enthusiasts knew they could cooperate in promotions and refer customers to each other, but they had a bigger vision. They wanted to create a better experience for their customers and sending them across town to each other’s shops didn’t seem very customer friendly. So, in 2015, they made the big move and decided to create a one stop shop for their customers.























































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